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POP HR platform uses social media concepts to provide a simple solution to time-consuming HR problems many startups, SMEs and even larger organisations face. POP HR platform is trusted by A-Z of businesses from advertising agencies to cleaners, legal services to recruitment companies we are serving core businesses whatever the size to help simplify their HR admin. Join businesses across the globe who keep on top of their HR admin with the POP HR platform.

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    Sign up today. It takes less than 5 minutes and is completely free for 30 days. You can see for yourself how to work smarter

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    Nothing complicated. No software to install and nothing to slow down your computer. Just type in and login

  • The only HR software you will need

    POP HR will tell you everything about your teams in one place. It will remove the need for spreadsheets and emails and give you a platform for all your HR needs

What makes POP HR smarter ?


Create employee profiles to develop a team directory

Off Tracking

Manage time off requests and use our easy to configure permission settings to simplify procedures


Smart notifications to remind you of everything important

Messaging Feed

Use the messaging feed within POP HR to keep your team engaged and on top of important company information


Keep track of birthdays, time off, and more— integrates with all the popular calendar apps

Drag and Drop Org

Create teams based on your internal structure, assign team managers and time zones

Self Service

Individual logins mean your team can take responsibility for updating their own profiles


Store all important documents in your secure online library

Why choose POP HR?

The POP HR platform can introduce scale and Growth to your business

Engage Your Team

POP HR is software for everyone not just HR. Everyone will love using POP HR

Move Forward

Built using the latest technology we have invested so you do not have to

Be Global

Access your company HR data anywhere in the world

Save Time

From smart notifications to organising teams. POP HR helps you work smarter

Stay Secure

POP HR uses some of the most secure IT infrastructure to ensure your company data is safe

Keep Control

Our simple pricing structure allows you to choose the direction you want your company to take

Seamless integration with
other apps

With the seamless integrations you and your teams are instantly productive.

POP HR integrates with:

  • G-Suite
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Excel
  • Dropbox
  • Apple iCal


£2.50 per user

Free for 30 days

One simple price plan

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Pricing Questions?

  • 1 How do I pay for the POP HR Platform
    The recurring monthly payment can be made with a valid debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Your payment is processed automatically once a month, and you will be emailed a fully detailed VAT receipt.
  • 2 How long is the contract?
    Pay on a monthly basis according to how many employees you have on the platform, you can cancel your account and take your data with you at any time without penalty
  • 3 What happens if someone leaves my company?
    We count all employees uploaded to POP HR who are 'active'. Any archived employees are not charged for.
  • 4 Why do I need to add my payment information?
    Your free trial lasts for 30 days, we request you add your payment details at the beginning to make sure there is no break in using the platform.
  • 5 How secure are my payment details?
    We are powered by Stripe for your security. Your payment details are not held anywhere on our systems.

We are fully compliant with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

You can check using our data protection registration reference